We live in a selfish time.  A period in history where community and collective seems to have lost its value, and individual success is the chosen measure. So it is all the more impactful when you stumble upon an individual, or group of people, who truly live their lives with the singular objective of making things better for others. Today, I was utterly overwhelmed. Today, I got to share

The conversation went a little like this. Him: “I am so unhappy with my SEO people. I am thinking of moving to another agency. ” Me: “Ah.  That’s a shame.  What is it you’re not getting from them?” Him: “They’re just not doing what I need them to. I am happy to spend more money on SEO but I have to get what I need” Me: “OK…  So, h

So, it’s almost the end of the year.  And what a year it has been. Shocking anti-establishment votes on both sides of the Atlantic. Natural and man-made traumas across all continents… And there I am, in the midst of the madness.  Still feeling blessed for my place in the world.  My love and connection to family and friends my constant North.  My ability to do something I (mostly) tru

We have just returned from a 10 day trip overseas. It was divine for many reasons. Batteries have been recharged, birthdays celebrated, we have indulged in laughter and chats with friends and family well in to the night… Stealing a few days away from real life like that is always a bit of effort.  A bit more juggling to get everything organised before you leave, a bit more effort to ca

I recently read two articles. One was speaking about the average Australian household throwing away 14% of its groceries each year. The next was applauding an organisation which welcomed new staff members with new everything – phone, mobile device, laptop etc – and berating organisations who “in this day and age [] still supply staff with poor, cheap and faulty equipment passed down fr

It’s been a funny couple of weeks in my world.  Not funny ha ha.  Funny unusual. An unusual that led to a swing across what felt like quite the pendulum of emotions.  There was worry and fear (health scare in the immediate family), relief (recovery from said health scare), humility and gratitude (support network extraordinaire kicking in when needed) and an absolute sense of survival focus

I think it's safe to say that I am not one of life’s great planners. I sometimes marvel at how my world came to be.  Everything from the work I do to the place I call home seem to have almost organically evolved. It is my daily encounter with people or events that inspire my blog topics, rather than a structured story/message/ethos. This week, I was inspired to write about an old clas

Big wins are great.  They are the things that get celebrated.  And acknowledged.  And often are what keep people motivated – reaching for that goal. But what about the simple pleasures? Like making a real difference in someone’s day. Like being told a sincere thank you by a client. Like being a little busier with or a little better at what you do this year than you were last.

As a consultant, you get to see lots of businesses in lots of different stages. Often, we get called in when things are going pear shaped. Sometimes we get called in when it is already too late. Then the focus is not on making something great again, but about getting it first to survive. This week, I heard about yet another respected, quality, established business that was forced in to

There is no doubt we all learn in different ways and that we all have different capacities for learning new things. I recently had reason to pause and think about how that capacity for learning can evolve. We had a wood fire installed in our family home just this week. The installation process was something akin to a really bad Fawlty Towers skit. There were three full days of plumbers and e